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Aldebaran Water Sports and Boats

Boats and Water Sports in Potos Beach Thassos


We start this year a new activity at the beautiful beach of Potos Thassos.

• Get familiar with those you can’t see from land roads.

• Explore the coasts.

• Discover your own Paradise.

• Live the nature by sea.

BIC Canoe kayak

They are made of thermoplastic polyethylene. Pretty, light on paddle and safe it will get you more far than any other canoe.

PIONER boats

Made of polyethylene, a new material in boat-building, with double walls, solid, seamless, jointless, unsunkable and unbreakable with huge strength on rough use and world widely known for their excellent resistance.
With such boats and BIC canoes too, you may fearlessly explore the beaches of Potos and the south shores of Thassos.
PIONER has also provided us the new type of pedalo (pedal-boat) accredited for five individuals and made of same specifications.

Good explorations

Yiannis Markianos and